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T12 Soldering Station FX9501

T12 Soldering Station FX9501

$111.72 $150.00

OLED digital soldering station T12 simple instructions

Soldering station main functions and features:
   1.temperature range of 150 ~ 480C.
   2.automatic thermocouple cold junction temperature compensation range -9-99cC(required calibrated).
   3.PID temperature control, temperature stability ± 2C(no load). 5 sets of temperature.
   5.can be saved separately for each head temperature calibrated parameters, T12 supports all types of leader, and 6 custom head, head shield is not used (in the menu tip management enabled in your favorite leader).
   6.Auto Standby (Time 1-60 minutes can be set).
   7.Auto Sleep (soft-off) (Time 1-60 minutes can be set).

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