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PICNano V1.2

PICNano V1.2


Functionality and ease meet versatility.

Developed in house, the PICNano is a PICAXE based development platform for teachers and students to learn and experiment with.

Breadboard friendly and with a variety of Addon's becoming available, the PICNano is fast becoming New Zealand's favourite development platform for schools.

An associated training package is available for early 2019 to help with teachers attaining required Progress Outcomes and help students develop their learning through all facets of the technology curriculum.


  • Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell
  • 4 pin programming socket
  • Pin Park breakout area
  • Large through-plated holes to enable e-textile use
  • LED with selectable solder pads, for "Heart Beat" or "Status" light
  • Universal Pad for 08M2, 14M2 or 20M2 PICAXE Micro controller



Having wanted to explore and deploy the simplicity of the Picaxe 08M2, the Phoenix Technology board straight-lined our challenge into a solution. From ease of programming to adding additional components on the break-out pads we took a schematic and idea to deployment in a matter of hours.

Scoping, testing and deploying the code was equally as simple using the Blockly software, resulting in a real-world result with zero testing. Our application uses multiple inputs and one output, that drives a MOSFET to perform an on/off function. The on-board LED delivers a visual confirmation of the output as well as a ‘pulse’ during it’s wait time.

We are enjoying immediate results from the shortened idea-development-deployment time frame using a ready-to-go board, minimal component addition, one-click programming and single plug in deployment to our existing hardware. Plus; the board is expandable and we are looking at what else we can get this board to do.


Lance Hastie

Com Technology Ltd

Precision Vision Systems - Australia

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