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Electronics Experimenter's Complete Kit

Electronics Experimenter's Complete Kit


The Electronics Experimenter's Kit - for teachers.

This is designed as a starter kit to include consumables and tools for teachers to teach themselves through the following Phoenix Technology Teaching Resources:

  • Card-Tronics
  • Soft-Tronics
  • Integrating and Interfacing


Additional parts to add are one of our high quality soldering stations and a soldering iron stand.


This basic yet diverse kit includes:

  • LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
  • 9v Battery Snaps
  • 9v Batteries
  • N20 Gearmotors
  • Transistors (BC337, BC327)
  • Piezo Buzzers
  • Piezo Speakers
  • Capacitors (100uF 5v)
  • PICNano Circuit Boards
  • 8mm Copper Tape
  • Programming lead for PICNano
  • Gel Connectors
  • PICAXE Microcontrollers
  • Jumper wire kit
  • Alligator lead kit
  • Solder Pens
  • Soldering iron tip refresher
  • 270 tie point breadboards
  • Resistors (LDR, NTC, 100k, 22k, 10k, 4k7, 1k, 470R,100R)
  • Triple AA switched battery cases
  • E-Textiles Resources:
    • Button switches
    • LED's
    • Coin Cell holders
    • Conductive thread bobbins
    • Conductive paint
    • Dispensing Needles
    • CR2032 coin cells
  • Tool Box full of tools
    • Digital Multimeter
    • Needle Nose Pliers
    • Side Cutters

These are made to order, so there might be a lead time of a day or two.  If any technical hitches arise we will notify you with an expected arrival time as soon as we can.

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