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Card-Tronics Consumables for Class of 25

Card-Tronics Consumables for Class of 25


This is a complete set of consumables required for the Card-Tronics Resource.  There are enough parts here for 25 students, and some spares.

  • 26x soldering pen tubes
  • 2x rolls of 8mm copper tape
  • 1x soldering iron tip refresher
  • 60x 470R resistors
  • 60x 10k resistors
  • 30x 1k resistors
  • 100x Blue LED's
  • 30x Ceramic Thermistors
  • 30x 100k LDR's
  • 60x BC337 Transistors
  • 60x 10k Trimpots
  • 60x 100uF Electrolytic Capacitors
  • 30x 9V Battery Snaps

These are made to order, so there might be a lead time of a day or two.  If any technical hitches arise we will notify you with an expected arrival time as soon as we can.

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