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Phoenix Technology STEAM trailer!

Hey all!

Our STEAMs trailer is in full swing, gearing up for many 2020 road trips.

This means we are able to start 2020 on the right foot, allowing to provide many great services.  We are now expanding our training and delivery into the overall theme of "Manufacturing".  This enables us to more broadly teach Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Electronics (ZAP!) in schools across New Zealand.

Our team works across all schooling levels, from primary right up through to secondary and even have worked in some universities.

Some training we are providing this year:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    • Fusion360 
    • TinkerCAD
    • EAGLE
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
    • 3D Printing
    • CNC Router
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Production
  • Electronics training
    • PICAXE
    • MicroBits
    • Arduino
    • Logic Gates
    • Unplugged Electronics
    • Robotics
    • Card-Tronics
    • Soft-Tronics
  • Local Curriculum Design and integration with Manufacturing

Onboard we have:

  • MicroBits
  • Arduino
  • 3D Printer
  • CNC Router (Vertigo MX1)
  • Soldering irons and tool kits
  • prototyping equipment

Our team are induction MoE Facilitators so we can come under Professional Development Hours at your school.

Get in touch now to see how we can help :)




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