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Day to day

Long weekend!

After being unwell for much of last week, I took an extra long, long weekend so I could catch up with friends and family and gain some health back :) Beautiful weekend away in Hanmer Springs

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Christchurch NIWA Science Fair

Visited the Christchurch Science fair, hosted by UC EngCore, this year, and ran into one of the students I tutored at the beginning of the year! Thanks for the selfie Taylor!

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PICNano proof has arrived

The proof's for the PICNano board have arrived from China.   This will enable us to produce these devices much quicker to a constantly high standard.

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New Office!

How exciting! 577 Halswell Junction Road.  Opposite McKeown's Truck Stop, down a long driveway off to the left. As they say,  Watch this space!

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