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Day to day

PICNano production

Production now in full swing. The first of the 08M2 and 20M2 PICNano Boards have arrived. Next steps are to get the shield developments under full swing.  As they say, watch this space!    

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ASB Bright Sparks Awards!

Congratulations to all those who participated in the ASB Bright Sparks competition for 2018 ! No rest for the wicked, 2019 is going to be even better! Bring it on :D

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Long weekend!

After being unwell for much of last week, I took an extra long, long weekend so I could catch up with friends and family and gain some health back :) Beautiful weekend away in Hanmer Springs

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Christchurch NIWA Science Fair

Visited the Christchurch Science fair, hosted by UC EngCore, this year, and ran into one of the students I tutored at the beginning of the year! Thanks for the selfie Taylor!

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PICNano proof has arrived

The proof's for the PICNano board have arrived from China.   This will enable us to produce these devices much quicker to a constantly high standard.

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